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Grand Ayllon Casino Online

Everest Poker
Everest Poker News
Final Table on the Spanish Poker Tour 20 Dec 2008
New Everest Poker Update 01:30 And we have a winner!!! Alex Jung from Germany Alex goes all-in with 99 and Pietro call with 44, the flop came 4 10 J, then a 9 and the river was a 5. So, the trophy goes to Berlin with Alex and we have an interview with him We also have some words from Johnny Lodden about is participation on this tournament Update 23:00 Still 3 players with the blinds 3000/6000 Ante 500 Interview with BluffNico and Oracle from France Update 21:00 We are now with 3 players on the Final Table, Christian Debeilour last Qualifier was elimenited on the fourth position, he made a great tournament with some very good movements recognized by the other 8 players The Magnificent 9! Alexander Jung - Germany- 235.300 Christian Debeil - France- 314.300 Everest Qualifier Pierto Palomba - Italy - 395.100 Joan Company - Spain- 154.000 Manuel Bena - Spain- 98.900 Johnny Lodden - Norway- 248.500 Javier Domínguez - Spain- 94.700 Alex Longobardi - Italy - 61.400 Rolf Slotboom - Holland - 123.800

Day Three of the Spanish Poker Tour 19 Dec 2008
New Everest Poker Update 21:00 Level 14 with the blinds 1200/2400 and ante 300 14 Players remaining Watch an interview with Sijbrand Maal from the Netherlands Update 20:00 Chip count from our qualifiers, the average is 122.000 Tommy 111.000 Oracle 160.000 Nico 46.000 Safet 140.000 This is the day of the big decisions, only 9 players will past to the finale table. We still have 4 Everest Poker Qualifiers Tommy Nicolas Cullin Christian Debeil Oracle Safet Ahmeti

Day two on the Spanish Poker Tour Grand Finale 18 Dec 2008
New Everest Poker Update 02:00 25 players remain on the main event, we told you before that Dan Slutter was out of the tournament, let's see what he have to say Update 00:00 Dan Slutter is out, he have K 10 on the button pre-flop and he raise, the big blind calls, the flop came J 10 8, Dan bet's, the other guy goes all in and the Dutch player calls, the other player shows 9 Q! Now an interview with David Howard from the UK, he was the winner of one of the side events in another SPT The second day has began with 49 players and we still have 39 playing with one common objective... the final table! Here is the status of the Everest qualifiers and the remaining players from the Everest Poker team Leroy Soesman from Everest Team (The Netherlands)18.000 Gábor Szamosi from Hungary with 16.000 Dan Slutter from Everest Poker Team ( The Netherlands) 14.000 Safet Ahmeti from Sweden 50.000 Geert Hoeben from The Netherlands 25.000 Maria Maceiras from the Everest Poker Team (Spain) 26.000 Christian Debeil from France 76.000 Nicolas Cullin from France 20.000

Grand Finale Spanish Poker Tour 17 Dec 2008
New Everest Poker And the Grand Finale of the Spanish Poker Tour as began! 88 Players come from all over Europe to play this Tournament, the Buy in is 2500 Euros and the structure is fantastic, we will have 90 minutes levels with 20.000 chips. The tournament director is Thomas Kremser and Gerard Serra from the prestigious TK Poker Events. During these 4 days we will update the blog with everything that happens in Gran Casino Costa Meloneras in the Las Palmas Island. Update 18:00 The action began and after 5 minutes something happen... Yes, the first player eliminated from the SPT hit pocket sevens against Pocket Aces! Update: 21:00 Some famous faces on the SPT Nico Behling second place in EPT Warsaw 2008 Johnny Lodden Cristiano Blanco from Everest Team Pablo Ubierna from Everest Poker Team Dan Slutter from Everest Poker Team Update 00:00 62 players remaining with the blinds 100/200 These are some of our Everest Poker Qualifiers Update 03:15 This is the end of the day and we have 49 players remaining, tomorrow there’s the second day of the main event and day 1 of the secondary event. And now... Ladies and Gentleman our Tournament director Mr. Thomas Kremser!

Final day of the Everest Poker Open at the Grand Casino Baden (CH) 14 Dec 2008
New Everest PokerUpdate 1:15am And the winner is: UDO KALWEIT Udo played heads up vs. Cemil. Udo was chipleader and pushed all in with K-3 and got called from Celim with A-4. The turn showed a 3 and Udo won. He got 171.072 CHF for his victory, the biggest win in a poker tournament in Swiss history. 2nd place: Cemil Doganyilmaz (126.720 CHF) 3rd place: Roland “Siggi” Siegritz (95.040 CHF) Congratulations! -------------------------------- Update 11:00pm New chipcount! Average stack 195.000 1. Roland Siegrist 240.000 2. Besim Hot 240.000 3. Matthias Kürschner 229.000 4. Udo Kalweit 193.000 5. Otavio Benelli 101.000 6. Cemil Doganyilmaz 96.000 -------------------------------- Update 9:00pm Final table! Average Stack: 99.000 Chipcount: 1. Siegrist 280.000 2. Kürschner 210.000 3. Kalweit 97.000 4. Doganyilmaz 87.000 5. Rössler 86.600 6. Benelli 80.600 7. Walser 40.000 8. Urzun 40.000 9. De Donno 39.400 10. Hot 37.000 ------------------------------------- Update 6:00pm Thiery is out! Another player with A-6 went all in, Thiery decided to call with A-9. Flop 6-J-4. Turn A, river K. 18th place for Thiery. Unfortunately 1th to 10th place gets money. Well played anyway Thiery and congratulations! -------------------------------- Today the last 32 player are playing the final of the Everest Poker Open. Currently we are in level 12 and 19 players are left. Average stack: 52.100 Thiery our french online qualifier got 7.000 chips left! Go Thiery Go!

Everest Poker Open at the Grand Casino Baden (CH) started! 13 Dec 2008
New Everest PokerUpdate 1:15pm Frank is out! Frank (short stack) raised from the small blind with a pair of 9s. The big blind reraised all in and got called. The big blind showed a pair of Queens. Unfortunately Frank got no help on flop, turn and river. 7:30 pm – Heat 2 of the Everest Poker Open started! 45 players met today at the Grand Casino Baden to play the second Heat of the Everest Poker Open. Frank Stumpf the german online qualifier will start playing today. Good Luck! Update 4:15pm Heat 1 has finished! Thiery could triple up! Just before end of Day 1, Thiery (short stack) went all in and got called by two players. Thiery with J-10 offsuited hit the Jack on the flop, took the lead and kept it. Now he got the average stack again and can start the final on Sunday quite relaxed. ------------------------------ Update 4:00pm Michael und Martin are out! Both short stack. Michael went all in with a pair of 3s and got called by a pair of 10s. Flop: 3rd 10. Turn an river no help anymore. Martin at his table went with his last chips and K-7 all in and got called by A-5. Flop: A-5-9 two pair. Turn and river no help. Update 11pm The 4th blind-level just finished. One level lasts 45 minutes. With this, the rebuy-phase of the double chance freezeout tournament ends. Players who did not rebuy so far can take the add-on of again 5.000 jetons. Martin Bruno und Thiery Navarro are a bit below average, Michael Bruno is exactly average with 10.000 of chips. Today at 7:30pm - 55 poker players started in the first Heat of the Everest Poker Open at the Grand Casino Baden (CH). The Buy-In of 6.400 CHF, will create the biggest tournament price-pool in poker history of Switzerland. 4 players qualified at the Everst Poker platform: Martin Bruno, Thiery Navarro und Michael Azria , from France, already started playing today. The German player Frank Stumpf who already won the Avalanche tournament last year, will start tomorrow in Heat 2. Each day 9 levels will be played. The best players of both Heats will battle on Sunday at the final.

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