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Welcome to Azar Gambling Portal

The chance games always has been an inherent element to the human condition. Ancestral references exist on the matter.
Plato nevertheless describes to the devilish consideration that stops the Egyptians has the game, omitting his opinion on the matter.
Also Sofocles makes reference, in its work "The Site of Troya", to the dice of Palamedes.
In excavations carried out in Egypt they have found boards and cards, that today we could assimilate to the game of the "Dames".
During the Roman empire, their consuls demanded the payment of taxes to the owners of houses of bets.
Also it is known that Ovid criticized seriously the game and others , like Carlomagno, repressed with hardness the liking to the game.
Arrived at century XIX the game of the roulette is introduced in France, perhaps influenced by illustrious players like Madame Pompadour.
The beginnings of century XX represent a great impulse of the games of chance and they begin to appear Casinos in cities like Montecarlo, Las Vegas, Luxembourg, Estoril, etc.
The possibility that at present offer the new technologies, permits that any player be able, since the intimacy of his home, to play virtually the same as him he would do in any of the casinos.
For that reason we have believed advisable to present the virtual players the rules that govern the games in the Casinos of Internet.
Our advice, however, is to know how to retire on time. Enjoy and good luck!

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