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3 Types of Casino Bets to Avoid in Lockdown168

by John Lucy

Are you familiar not all online casino games are for your gains and play?

In the lockdown168 site,as it provides its users with tons of online casino games, you might be, bewildered to opt for good online gambling. Though playing online casinos is one of the great ways to boost your mentality and create a realism of other games, probably, to get real money right from home. When you opt for a casino site, ultimately lots of games will appear, with different betting opportunities.

The problem is which one is the best to place a bet.

By knowing the right bets to place on an online casino, you will be a notch higher to brush away the impossible that can make you bankrupt in seconds. This will alert your mind and set the right bankroll to have an extended and more profit-making gambling session.

At the end of reading this article, you’ll be knowledgeable to evade time-consuming online casinos and venture into lucrative online gambling. Below are the online casino’s best to avoid in lockdown168;

  • Caribbean Stud
  • Bet on Keno
  • Proposition bets in Craps

Caribbean Stud

For you to avoid impossible bet on Caribbean stud, you have to do away with the progressive side wager that is provided. If you observe this rule, as a player, you’ll have an opportunity to bet an extra dollar that will build a pool on the jackpot.

The overall house edge when placing this type of bet in Caribbean stud is approximately 26.46%, this amount is generally huge, and will not be beneficial in long run.

Bet on Keno

It is said, any bet on keno is a bad decision.

Keno is a lottery-type game that is fun and offers a nice experience especially after playing traditional games. However, the house edge for this is too exorbitant, i.e. the house edge can range from 20 to 35%.

I bet nobody ever feels good to be deducted such amount of money. IT’S HUGE. If you want to earn some profits with online casino bet, try another profitable bet, this game has a high risk with dismal recompense.

Propositions Bet in Craps

In this type of bet, specific pairs of a number are required to be rolled.

Proposition bets in the crap are time-consuming and the outcomes are lower than the chances of winning. Think of it, lower chances of winning?

This is best to be avoided at any chance and concentrate on other bets on lockdown168 which are proactive.


Everything needs enlightenment to avoid the risks at the end.

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