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4 ways to check the authenticity and legitimacy of a website

by John Lucy

When you observe a website, you will be able to make out whether the site is a secure one or not. For checking the authenticity of a website you need to check the following:

  • Check the URL of the website – Most often, phishers attract customers into their websites by including some malicious links and so, when you think to click on a link, you will be aware that it can be an illegitimate site. At times, it is not easy to differentiate a real site from a fake site but there are many ways in which you can know about it.

Most of the time, the fake sites do impersonate the real ones and they are similar to the website of a person’s bank. When you observe the URL closely, then you will find letters that are out of place. The components of a site that an attacker can control are subdomain, content, favicon, SSL certificate, and domain.

  • Is the site utilizing an SSL certificate – Many legitimate sites and those that get operated by some serious services, such as banks possess a URL that starts with HTTPS in place of HTTP. For fake site verification (먹튀사이트검증) you need to see whether the site has been utilizing an SSL layer. Again, it also encrypts the communication that happens between the user and the server, thus, secures the connection from 3rd party snoopers.
  • The source of the link – Phishers can and at times, hijack people’s and businesses’ accounts for providing their phishing emails authority. Nonetheless, that is not required for sending emails with real addresses and displayed names. Commonly, dubious messages reach the spam folder. The legitimate emails habitually end up being in the spam folder and it complicates the differentiating factor between the fake and the real sites.
  • Observe the website – Nearly everyone has got ended up on a forged website once or two times as they are tough to avert. Luckily, there are many ways to tell whether a website is fake or not. For instance, a fake website has pages that are plagued by little errors. When you visit a novice website and have some kind of suspicion then you must go through the contracts section. When there isn’t any phone number or physical address for complementing the email then you need to look further into the site. When a website is big then it must have a FAQ.

What do you need to do if you discover a fake website?

If by any chance, you have logged in to a fraudulent website then you must do the fake site verification (먹튀사이트검증) process. However, never in any condition, you must propose any sensitive information, like your name, contact information, log in, password, financial details, a Facebook login, and verification codes. When you feel doubtful, then do not fill it out. Again, you must not click on links that have emerged from unfamiliar emails, DMs, or online posts.

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