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How online bingo has grown

by John Lucy

Bingo never used to be a popular game for people to play online with thousands of them heading to bingo halls instead, but the COVID hit and forced the closure of bingo halls and casinos. This led to millions of people heading to online casinos to play their favourite games and there were thousands of different online casinos to choose from like the ones here at CNOG that provide a huge selection of different games that helped people through the pandemic. When the bingo halls shut the gambling, the industry saw an opportunity to provide for bingo fans by launching online bingo games which turned out to be a huge success across many different online casinos. Online bingo games are now one of the most used games across the different online casinos. Bingo players that used to go to the bingo halls have never been happier that they can now play bingo once again and they can even play with their friends by being able to invite them to the game that they are playing, there are chat rooms as well with online bingo games, so people get the social side of a bingo hall from the comfort of their own homes.

Online bingo is now a firm favourite amongst casinos used with people that have never visited a bingo hall before absolutely loving it. The lockdowns have been lifted now, but online bingo is still flying even with the bingo halls opening again which has made some bingo players extremely happy due to some people not being able to access online bingo during COVID due to not having the software or knowledge to download the games without a helping hand, so it is great to see that bingo players now have the best of both worlds from either playing online or heading back down to their local bingo halls. A lot of bingo halls are not just for people to play bingo, but they are a way of life for many with people going down in large groups every week to socialise amongst friends and family whilst playing bingo with some food and drinks. Online bingo is now at its peak with it being one of the most downloaded casino apps across the different app stores with thousands of bingo players using them each day of the week with more signing up as well due to some people not being able to get down to the local bingo halls.

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