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Mobile betting – Real money casino apps

by John Lucy

Casino apps are probably one of the most exciting developments in the online gambling industry. They allow players to gamble where ever they go without having to get to a land based casino, and frees them from having to always sit in front of the computer every time they want to play.

There is even the possibility of betting real money through a real money casino app. This is a really good thing for gamblers who are constantly on the go at all times, since it allows them to bet even if they don’t have time to sit in front of a computer or to go to a physical casino. Being able to take the casino games apps on the move means that even if it is only for a few minutes while waiting for a bus, a player can now entertain themselves with the convenience of mobile casinos.
Nowadays, there are tons of casino apps where players can win real money, like cash app slots, available to download on phones, tablets or any other device… even smartwatches!!

Today, casino apps have evolved to the point where players can have essentially the same quality of experience as if they were playing on their PCs. Non-download casino software development has advance a lot in the last years, allowing real gambling apps to convert extremely well from a PC casino lobby to a mobile version of the same site. This means that players can get the same thrill from all the casino games as they would while playing on their computers.

It is important to keep in mind that there are differences according to what type of gambling apps you choose. There are downloadable casino apps designed exclusively for your device and there are mobile casinos that are optimized for your device.

The main differences are that casino apps must be downloaded and offer quick interface and full resolution. The login is really quick and easy since it is saved on the app, and also the interface is tailored to your device. Instead, mobile casinos can be played instantly with no download needed, but the resolution for the games depends on the signal. It is also necessary to log in into the account every time you want to play, and the interface does not fit to perfection since it is a smaller version of the full website.

Games available

There is a wide range of games available in the world of real money casino apps. Some casino apps will focus on one or just a few of these games, while others might just have them all for you to sample.


Online slots real money apps are the most popular ones. They translate really well to the app setting. The graphics are superb, and you can get the same kind of real money prizes you would get on a physical casino. All these aspects allow a pretty real gaming experience making you forget you are not in a real casino.

Every real money slots app offer slots games driven by RNG software in order to provide fair chances of winning, and they also offer multiline slot formats which allows more ways to win and a much more exciting appearance.

Video Poker

As slots machines this is a very popular game, and it also makes an ideal transition to the smaller screen. There are a lot of video poker varieties that allow you to play for a long time on a small bankroll.


Roulette is available at most casino apps for money. As it happens with all other games, this one is also driven by RNG software. This game is beautiful to play on your mobile or tablet, since most apps provide a simulation of the wheel spinning, and you can see the ball fall into the locker. Some casino apps even offer live dealer roulette, where a real person spins the roulette just like it happens at a land-based casino.

This is also among the favorite casino games because it is fun and easy to understand.


Playing blackjack from your phone, tablet or any other device is as great experience as playing on your computer. There are tons of dedicated blackjack apps, for it is one of the most solicited games. Live blackjack is also available at some casino apps.

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