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Roulette online and what you should know

by John Lucy

The online roulette premise is quite simple. It works similar to the way a brick and mortar roulette works. You will have to place a bet on where you thing the small white ball is going to land on the wheel of the roulette.

You can bet on things such as which number it is going to land on and whether it will land on red or black. On the w88 club, the virtual croupier will drop the ball in the spinning roulette wheel. In case it happens to land on your choice, then you are a winner. If you are a newbie in playing the roulette game, the following are some of the basics you need to know:

The online roulette is found in various versions

When the game of roulette was initially launched at the casino online in the late 1990s, there was a random number generator providing fair play and determining where the ball is going to land. Soon, displays got introduced, which enabled the players to track their bets, developing strategies.

While such type of roulette games are still readily available and quite popular, in the recent past, a new type of roulette online has become very dominant. It works through live streaming. There is a physical table of roulette and a croupier which are located at a particular studio.

You will have to take a seat at the table and start to play the game, engaging with the croupier plus other players in real time, which makes the experience to be similar to the real life roulette in a brick and mortar casino.

If you are yearning to play roulette live, you have to ensure that you read the rules and regulations for that game before starting to place the chips on the table. You can as well watch the game demos or others playing on the roulette platform so that you get a feel of how you will choose you version of roulette that will work best for you.

Understanding the type of roulette bets

When you keep on playing the roulette, you will become more knowledgeable about the same and the various options for betting available. But it is important that you learn the basics before starting to play. Most beginners tend to be confused by the chips that are placed on the table.

But you only have to be concerned with yourself and the wager which you place, because the croupier is going to keep track of everything. In simpler terms, you will have two types of bets which you can be able to make: the outside bets and the inside bets.

  • The inside bets: It is the wagering on the numbers which are displayed in the area for betting of the roulette table. It includes the straight bets that you have to place a bet on a single number; the split bets, where you can bet on the landing all on one of the two numbers that are adjacent to one another; street bets where you place a bet along numbers row; double street bets where you spread your wagers across two rows of the numbers.

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