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The Dangerous effects of Gambling on Players

by John Lucy

I’ll manage my budget better later

Most new gamblers advise themselves that they will stop when they lose a certain amount of money or when they’ve spent a certain amount of cash that they have set aside for gambling purposes. But just because you set a budget does not mean that you will stick to the same. The problem is that most gamblers feel that they lack control once they start playing on 메이저사이트 and convince themselves that it’ll be better if they’re not too strict with their budgets.

I can afford it

Gambling addicts often alter their perceptions of money, feelings of responsibility, and their decision-making abilities. Their value system becomes different, and new gamblers may not even realize or admit this fact to themselves at first. This causes them to spend more than what was initially planned upon before visiting casinos, betting shops, or any other place for gambling purposes.


It may be true that most gamblers who seek treatment are not addicted to gambling, and they just want their self-control back. However, the addiction is a little more difficult to diagnose because the symptoms of a pathological gambler are similar to those found in patients with other addictions. The main difference between compulsive gamblers and other addicts is that being motivated to change only out of guilt or shame does not help them get better.

Men with this condition show an increasing sense of powerlessness over their own lives, and they often develop negative feelings about themselves. They may feel ashamed when they gamble away money or lose control while doing so at some point in time (even if it’s from time. to time).

Compulsive gamblers may also show a range of other withdrawal symptoms, such as depression and anxiety. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, compulsive gamblers can be diagnosed with pathological gambling if they have exhibited three or more out of ten symptoms for at least one year (or any shorter period that preceded hospitalization).

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