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Why dummy online games are essential for beginners?

by John Lucy

Online dummy games, also known as AI opponents or computer opponents, have become an integral part of many popular multiplayer video games nowadays. Though often overlooked, dummy games serve many important purposes, especially for beginners just starting to learn a new game.

Dummy games refer to playing against an AI or computer-controlled opponent rather than a real human player. Developers program the dummy opponents with artificial intelligence – hence the name “AI games” – that allows them to make moves, build strategies, and react to players. However, the AI aims to be beatable and play at a beginner skill level rather than advanced competitive levels.

Dummy games appear in many popular strategy and multiplayer titles across platforms and genres. For example, classic board and card games like chess, checkers, and spades have dummy AI modes. Multiplayer shooter, MOBA, and RTS games often have options to play against easy AI bots as practice before jumping into PvP matches. The key purpose of dummy games is to provide new players with a risk-free way to learn the rules, mechanics, and strategies without the pressure of facing experienced opponents right away.

Teaches game mechanics

Multiplayer games often have a steep learning curve, with lots of abilities, objectives, and game knowledge required to succeed. This is intimidating for someone just starting, especially if they get matched against skilled opponents right away. Playing against dummy AI removes some of the complexity and gives beginners space to experiment and grasp the basics. For example, in a MOBA like League of Legends, new players disable certain champion abilities when playing against bots to better understand learning, objectives, and other fundamentals before introducing advanced mechanics. ดัมมี่ออนไลน์ let players learn at their own pace without worrying about letting teammates down or frustrating experienced opponents.

Develops strategies in low pressure environment

Another advantage of playing dummy games as a beginner is the low-pressure environment compared to playing versus real opponents. Multiplayer games are inherently intense and competitive, which is thrilling but also anxiety-inducing for someone new. Against dummy AI, there are fewer consequences for failing or mistakes, so players develop strategies with less stress. If you lose against a bot opponent, you simply restart the game and try a new approach without your teammates getting upset or your ranked position taking a hit. This freedom allows for more creativity, experimentation, and overall enjoyment of the game rather than just chasing the optimal path to victory like in PvP matches.

Provides social learning opportunities

Though dummy games seem isolating on the surface, they enable valuable social connections and learning for beginners. Veteran players often introduce newer players to games by showing them the ropes against AI first. This could be siblings, parents, friends, or teammates walking you through a dungeon against computer-controlled enemies before trying a real boss fight together. Playing alongside someone experienced gives beginners a risk-free environment to ask lots of questions, receive tips, and see how more advanced strategies play out. It builds bonds along with game knowledge. Having the AI as a neutral party makes the learning less personal than if the veteran player had to directly compete and criticize your gameplay. You get the benefits of social gaming combined with low-pressure practice.

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